In today’s episode, I sit down with Melissa Martin and Sandy Vo, co-founders and creators of Ladies Aligned. We got deep into both of their stories, how they met and how tough times can lead to becoming more connected. Their Ladies Aligned community provides women with unwavering support, devotion and commitment to growth for everyone that is involved. They are on a mission to help women live their best lives so they can build an empire and have massive impact.

More about Melissa Martin:

I am a wealth-mindset & business expert. Multi-passionate entrepreneur & network marketer, public speaker, writer and the host of the Boldly Courageous podcast.

After 15 years of experience working in the financial service industry i found myself unemployed and in over $100k of debt. Feeling as though i had hit rock bottom and contemplating bankruptcy, i made the decision to dive into personal development work.

I hired coaches. Took courses & attended several leadership seminars to finally connect to the truth of who I am. A person who’s value is more than just her net worth.

All of those experiences have paved the way to where i am currently. Running multiple businesses and living a life filled with purpose. I thrive on helping women transform. Teaching them how to birth a new money mindset & discover their self worth.

More about Sandy Vo:

I’m your modern day meditation teacher. Public speaker. Conscious branding biz strategist. Host of the dear self & co. Podcast and co-founder of ladies aligned.

After living with crippling depression and anxiety, learning the practice of meditation through the guidance of a meditation master has helped to transform my life.

Drawing upon my own experiences of healing through burn out & mental dis-ease. My calling is to trailblaze the path for women leaders to find joy in the home within themselves.

My mission is to help more women forge the way to honor their highest expression through sacred self-care.

I am a creative visionary who now serves in multiple conscious businesses guiding purpose-driven women to slow down. Connect to their gifts and thrive in life. Business & relationships. I believe the whole universe exists in that sweet spot where your gifts are.

Connect with Ladies Aligned:

Website —

Instagram — @ladiesaligned

Connect with Melissa:

Podcast: Boldly Courageous

Instagram: @themelissamartin

Connect with Sandy:


Instagram: @isandyvo

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