This week I sit down with cover model turned mindset coach and podcast host, Felicia Romero. Felicia shares the “ugly truth” of being a fitness model including body shaming, self sabotage and the deadly comparison trap. She reveals how a toxic relationship with herself set the stage for abusive relationships with men until a major wake up call caused her to start looking within and catapulted her on a a healing journey.

We traced her unhealthy relationships with food, men, her body and herself back to her childhood. Thankfully for her and others, it all led to her own personal transformation and most importantly to her helping others overcome the same hurdles she faced with her “Diet Dropout Podcast.”

Listen as she shares step by step how she overcame the battle within herself and then turned it into a set of tools to help others.

More about Felicia:


Instagram: @feliciaromero

Podcast: Diet Dropout Podcast

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