Melissa Martin and Sandy Vo

  In today’s episode, I sit down with Melissa Martin and Sandy Vo, co-founders and creators of Ladies Aligned. We got deep into both of their stories, how they met and how

Todd Durkin

    Today I sit down with my dear friend and mentor Todd Durkin. I first met Todd in 2012 at his Mentorship program, and that event literally changed my

Dr. Will Cole

    Leveraging Functional Medicine as a tool for healthier and happier living. Welcome back to the show everyone, today’s guest is someone that I’ve been wanting to talk to

Felicia Romero

    This week I sit down with cover model turned mindset coach and podcast host, Felicia Romero. Felicia shares the “ugly truth” of being a fitness model including body

Johnny Elsasser

    Today on the show, I had my dear friend Johnny Elsasser on to talk about his journey through the elite special operations military system. He was forced to

Dean Graziosi

      My guest on the show today is the legendary Dean Graziosi. Serial entrepreneur, multiple New York Times best selling author and all round great guy. Our main

Danette May

    Today I sit down with holistic healing health icon Danette May. We spoke about her journey, the power of forgiveness, nutrition and all things adversity. Danette is the

Dr. David Sinclair

Dr. David Sinclair: Modifying Our Lifestyle to Reverse Aging     Today I’m incredibly honored to host Dr. David Sinclair. David is a professor in the Department of Genetics at