My guest on the show today is the legendary Dean Graziosi. Serial entrepreneur, multiple New York Times best selling author and all round great guy.

Our main theme of discussion today is being the beacon of light and hope in the current pandemic ridden times.

Having experienced 4 downmarkets himself, Dean understands that it’s completely normal and human to feel insecure and worried over what tomorrow brings.

But instead of focusing on the negative side of the pandemic, we should focus on the bright side. So many individuals have always wanted extra time to work on their lives and start that new online business or learn that new skill, the funny part about all of these, is that so many of these individuals are either stuck on their seats stressing over what’s on the news, or aimlessly giving in to their impulses to drink and eat heavily.

Just like the last recession and the great depression, this too shall pass. And the question that we should all reflect on, is what kind of person we’re going to be on the other side.

Will you have:

Gained extra capabilities and made something good out of the opportunities that are sprouting as a result of the pandemic


Remain dormant & pessimistic, and be the one to miss it all when it’s all over

Everyone right now, starting from our close friends and family members, are in dire need of leadership, inspiration and a role model to look up to.

They need you to step up and be the one to guide them through this tough, unfamiliar territory. So that when it’s all over, they’ll look back and remember that you’re the one who took the initiative to be creative and innovative, creating a safe haven for them when everything was going to hell.

If history is anything to go by, out of the ashes of the fire that’s burning, new industries and businesses will arise and strive. There’ll certainly be more wealthy people made out of this pandemic too.

A close friend of Dean recently told him a story of two restaurants quarter a mile apart from each other that had to shut down as a result of the covid-19 pandemic.

While one of the owners got extremely mad and began pointing fingers and blaming everyone; from China, to the government and the president. The owners of the other restaurant took to restructuring their restaurant the weekend that they were closed. They made it in such a way that the cooks could cook in different distanced places. Later on they made a shelter for a drive through so that customers could pull in and place their orders.

Right now, one restaurant is still shut down, with a bitter and mad owner. The other restaurant business on the other hand is making 3 times the amount of sales and profits that they’ve ever made in their entire life.

5 years from now, one owner will complain that his business was thriving until Covid-19 shut him down, while the other wonder will testify that his business was doing ok until Covid-19 came along and now he owns 6 restaurants.

While one individual focused on finding a solution and innovating his way through the obstacles brought by the pandemic, the other one focused and obsessed on who moved his cheese, and demanding it back.

All the massively successful individuals in our modern times and history, lacked resources

They lacked resources, but learned to be massively resourceful.

A lot of individuals claim that what’s holding them back from success is lack of financial resources, supportive family members, better staff etc. But the sad and simple truth is that what they truly lack is resourcefulness.

In life, you should learn to embrace the struggles that you go through. All of your setbacks, failures, and challenges are just setting you up for your greatest comeback!

The underdog lifestyle that you’re going through is a gift to help you get through and navigate new territories and be bulletproof.

All it takes is changing your mindset and looking at things from a different angle. Learn to make your disadvantages, critics, and the power of being resourceful over having resources as the fuel to drive you into success.

A lot of people see Dean and praise him for being so lucky to have come so far and achieved so much.

They see him in great shape and thank his genetics. They see what a wonderful wife and disciplined kids and count him as the luckiest family man.

What they don’t see however is him waking up at 5 in the morning to exercise in the gym

How he worked on himself and saw a coach in order to change who he was and attract the right life partner.

The several parenting books he’s read and counsellor he’s seen for 3 years in order to be a great dad.

A lot of our subconscious tend to protect us from this reality. All we see is success, but not the determination, obsession and habits that had to be put in in order for other people’s success to manifest in their lives.

From this story. Dean encourages us to focus on how we can best use our resources to overcome and prosper in the current environment that has affected everyone and all businesses globally.

Focusing on what could go wrong and our disadvantages won’t help solve anything. Instead, we should focus on what could go right, and how we can flip the odds back to our advantage

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